Unfortunately these products aren’t available in Greece where I am based but I recently got them on my trip to london from harrods. Obsessed isn’t the word! 

These matte liquid lipsticks literally need a glam squad to remove because they last so long! Especially when applied with lip liner underneath! 

My favorite product though was the eyelashes that I got in a free goodie bag from Harrods after spending over 250£ 

Totally worth it if I may say so myself! 

Eyelashes  are in Noel. Looking forward to trying all of her lashes because honestly they are the best I have ever tried. 

Loved this packaging and loved these lashes!! 

Liquid matte lipsticks in shades “girlfriend” and “sugar mama” love the names LOL! 

It was a super crazy day at Harrods when I got these even Huda Beauty herself was there so couldn’t get my hands on all the products I wanted since it was so busy!!! Ended up getting these lip liners as well even though they are a different tone to the lipsticks in shade “Venus” and “trendsetter” 
Love them! Please bring them to Greece!!! 



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